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New way of communication!

Air Messages© allows to explore the world like a game, collect real opinions, suggestions and infos about country and places.

Your Air Messages will be “thrown” into the world and people around you can read and comment them in realtime.

Enjoy the new way of communication!

Geospatial Communication

Air Messages is a new kind of social network!


Air Messages is available on Android and BlackBerry 10!

Throw Messages

Users can chat freely and throw messages (Text; Image; Video; BBM; Whatsapp; and more)!
Users who are close to each other can read the hidden messages.

Different Types of Icons

There are 20 different types of icons to indicate the message presence and the geographical position on the global map!

Explore the World

See and explore the world as a game while communicate through public chat!

Share Opinions

Share and collect opinions, suggestions and informations about places and countries around the world!

Advertising program

Business owners can promote their business with their custom pins for a very special price!

Geospatial Communication.
Explore The World.

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